About Us

If you own a Nunavut-based business, Nunavut Business Credit Corporation (NBCC) may be able to help you obtain the debt financing you need to help your business grow and succeed.

NBCC’s key approach to lending is an approach that works for Nunavut.  NBCC aims to provide lending opportunities to those Nunavut residents and businesses who have been declined by other lenders such as the major banks.  NBCC works closely with its clients in partnership with other lending agencies to provide much-needed financial services that are unavailable through traditional banking channels.  NBCC does not consider itself in competition with other lenders but in partnership with them to the betterment of its client.  Different clients have different needs and NBCC ensures its clients are served by the agency that has the best services to meet their needs.

Since 1999, NBCC has provided essential financing to businesses across Nunavut in a wide variety of sectors. Helping everyone from builders, airline and hotel owners, to outfitters, retailers, artists and food producers, NBCC is working to ensure Nunavut businesses can obtain the financing they need -- when they need it.

NBCC provides financing up to $1,000,000 to both Inuit and non-Inuit businesses based in Nunavut. NBCC accepts applications for new and established businesses looking to expand or better establish themselves in their market.

So if you are a Nunavut-based business that wants to expand or you have a strong business plan for a new business, read on - NBCC may just be the debt financing organization you need. Find out what NBCC can do for your business. Review the information in “For Nunavut Businesses” and contact one of our Service Professionals to find out how NBCC can help you reach your business goals.