Working Together

There are many business support and financing agencies in Nunavut. Each one has a unique purpose, created to provide different types of financial services, for different sized businesses, for different groups of people, in specific regions.

NBCC has the mandate to serve all regions of Nunavut, and to serve both Inuit and non-Inuit businesses in Nunavut. We specialize in providing loans to mid-sized businesses located in all 25 Nunavut communities, with loans up to $1,000,000.

Other agencies provide smaller or larger loans, equity investments, grants, and business advice, either within a region, or are Inuit-specific. It can be daunting figuring out which agency is best for you.

As an agency of the Government of Nunavut with a mandate to serve all businesses in every region, NBCC can act as a hub to the many other business support organizations in Nunavut. We want to help your business, and that includes identifying other finance or business support organizations in Nunavut that may also assist you to succeed. Our Service Professionals will be pleased to help you identify which organizations will best serve your business to meet your needs.

Our comprehensive listing of Financing Agencies includes agencies that provide loans, equity and grants that are located in Nunavut. Business Development Organizations lists all organizations that specialize in providing advice to Nunavut businesses. Some organizations do both, and so are listed in both categories.