Starting Costs Calculator

How much money do you need to start a business?

The basic starting costs calculator can help you to quickly estimate your costs.

How will different expenses determine the costs of opening your business?

Use the starting costs calculator to estimate different kinds of necessary expenses, including:

  • Expenses required before you open your business, such as legal costs, design, business supplies, etc.
  • Sufficient money and cash assets in the bank -- this is required to finance initial costs and support your new business until it can break even.
  • Other needed assets such as inventory, computers, furniture, office equipment and commercial space. 
Startup Expenses :
(Legal costs, stationery, sales literature, etc.)
Startup Assets
Money in the bank : $
Start-up inventory :
(if required)
Other Current Assest :
(Leasehold improvements,fixtures,signage, etc.)
Long-term or fixed assets :
(Land, plant, equipment, etc.)
Total Assets :
Total Start-up Requirements :